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16 Days Around Egypt

Dune Raider's grandest program! This 16-day program is designed to cover the most iconic travel destinations in the most culturally-rich and history-filled cities in Egypt.

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12 Days Around Egypt

This 12-day program is designed meticulously to cover the most iconic travel destinations in Egypt's most influential and historically-rich cities; Cairo, Aswan, and Luxor. With a couple of days for relaxation at the gem of the Red Sea - Hurghada.

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Nubia 4-Day Adventure

Venture along the Nile to the south of Egypt and discover Nubia, the radiant spirit of Aswan.

Experience its beautiful natural surroundings, incredible rich history and colorful cultural traditions.

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Djara Cave 3-Day Adventure

Step back in time as you explore the magical cave of Djara and discover the timeless wonders of an oasis that was once an immense ocean.

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